What are the Party Mode Tables?

Party tables are special tables in which the players interact with each other via video chat! Enjoy the classic game of Spades Royale and experience social interaction in a whole new way.

In order to play these tables, just click on the "Party Tables" button at the footer of the lobby, and enter the special table, you'll be matched with opponents. 

Playing the party tables doesn't require you to spend coins, all you need to do is use your Party Tickets! 

You can receive more tickets via watching a video or by purchasing a tickets deal.


Please keep a pleasant and respectful gaming environment, and enjoy !

How do I mute my microphone and camera? 

You can mute your microphone/camera at any time by pressing the respective icons at the bottom right part of your screen. Please note that the microphone can be muted throughout the game, but the camera can be disabled only for 10 seconds at a time. In order to unmute, just press the icons again. 

How can I report another player in Party Tables?

At any point during the game, if another player seems to cross the line, you can mute his/her microphone or disable their camera. If you would like to report a player for inappropriate conduct, press on their profile during the game, and click "Report", then choose the terms violated by the player. The report will be sent and that player’s camera and microphone will be disabled.