Start collecting limited-edition cards and earn coin prizes as you go! 

How does it work?

  1. The Album is open to levels 15 and up. Your first pack is on the house!

  2. Collect card packs by playing games, or by purchasing from relevant offers. 

  3. The cards will be added to your album once opening the pack by entering the inventory and clicking on the available card pack/s. 

  4. Fill your card sets and get rewarded with huge prizes for each set you complete.

  5. Win a GRAND prize after you complete the entire album!

  6. Feel free to view your past albums any time by opening your album and then tapping on the ‘ALBUMS’ button on the bottom left corner. 

Types of Packs & Card types:

  • There are 6 different card packs at various rarities, ranging from one star to Ace!

  • The pack rarity (star) level indicates the highest rarity of the cards inside.
    For example: a 3-star card pack will contain at least one 3-starred card.

  • The number written at the top right corner of the card pack is the number of cards in the pack.

How do I earn card packs?

There are several ways to earn packs:

1. Play on tables with the card pack icons for an opportunity to win card packs.

The cards indicated on each table are the ones you can win. Expert tip: Higher table bets will have higher rarity packs!

2. Purchase packages that offer card packs.

3. Win card packs by completing missions and quests.

4. There are several album boosts you can enjoy simply by playing on tables with the boost’s icon!

  • ‘CARD BOOM’: means that the packs you earn will have even more cards in it than usual

  • ‘ACE BOOST’: means that you’ll get higher chances of receiving Ace packs.

  • ‘GUARANTEED PACKS’: means that you’ll get a guaranteed pack when playing any of the tables with the icon! Sometimes, you can even get more than one!


What can I do with my duplicate cards? 

From time to time, you may be awarded the same card more than once, and you can exchange these cards for awesome prizes!

Each duplicate card you get fills the 'Star' bar at the top of your screen (within the 'Get Gift' tab, in the Album's upper menu) , based on the number of stars of the duplicate cards. Once the bar is full, you can play and win a prize!

Please note that as you claim gifts, you reach higher levels which means that you’ll need more stars to open gifts, and the prizes you get will keep getting better!

What are the Wild Cards?

The Wild Card can be used to replace a missing card in your album, meaning, you trade your Wild Card with a missing card of your choice to progress or finish off a set of cards in the Album feature.


There are three types of Wild Cards to choose from: an Ace card, up to 5 stars, or up to 4 stars.


How to win Wild Cards?

You are welcome to do so by playing in our special activities, for instance special activities such as a Quest or Missions that offer a chance to win a Wild Card. The sets that you can complete using the Wild Card will be highlighted .


If you already have all the relevant cards in a set with the same rarity as that of the Wild Card in your hands, no worries! Your Wild Card will be converted into Duplicate Card stars. This will allow you to trade stars for gifts in the album feature.


Please note that each album has a time limit, and once the timer runs out, you won’t be able to complete the album! Also, the duplicate cards left will no longer be available to exchange stars for gifts, and card packs will not transfer to the next album. 

Make the best of each album and enjoy!