Contests are one of the ways to show that you’re the ultimate Spades Royale player! You can find out which Contest is happening, when it ends and how much the total pool is by referring to the banner that appears over the corresponding tables. 


You can also click on the Contest tab on the bottom left side of the screen and find all the information regarding the contest, such as the current rankings and prizes.

How does it work?

In order to participate in a contest, all you need to do is play at the tables that have the contest banner.

Each game you play, you move further up the leaderboards. The more you win at higher stake tables, the higher you climb up the rankings!

When participating in contests, please keep in mind that the total prize pool is split between the winners and not given to one player.


The prize amount is based on how high or low participants are placed in the contest.


Every contest has its own time limit, and once the time is up, each player receives the prize according to their ranking on the leaderboards.

Please note that when the timer hits 00:00, there are still active games that have started beforehand, therefore it may take a few extra minutes for all active games to complete in order to evaluate the winners.