Please note that iOS compiles a list of purchases from the previous billing date until the upcoming billing date, so the date of invoice is not necessarily the date of purchase. 

Your experience is extremely important to us so if you still see an issue with your purchases, please send our support team your receipts so we can further investigate it for you.

Here's how to access your App Store receipts:

1) Open 'Settings' on your Apple device.
2) Open the top row that says your name and that underneath it says Apple ID, iCloud, Media & Purchases.
3) Open 'Media & Purchases' (with the App Store icon), and then 'View Account'.
4) Open 'Purchase History', and then locate the purchase you've made.
5) When you find it, open the purchase via the 'Total Billed' button.
6) Resend the receipt to your email, and send us a screenshot. It looks like this:


Hope this will be helpful, enjoy!